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Data Research

Data Research as a Service

Data research is one of the most important yet labour intensive activities for any B2B company trying to find new customers.

At CloudCustom we have the technology, expertise and people to provide bespoke, high quality data for outbound business development and sales teams.

Unlike data resellers or platforms, we do not aggregate, resell or share data, making it higher quality. Each data research project we run is done on a bespoke basis.

High Quality, GDPR Compliant B2B Data

Sourced From Online Professional Networks

TPS Checked Mobile Numbers & Verified Emails

Free Data Reports and Analysis

Fast Delivery In CSV Format

If you have a data requirement and would like to place an order please click the button below.

Lead Identifcation

Business Development as a Service

Consistently finding leads and buyers who are interested in purchasing a product or service is one of the ultimate problems of any B2B company.

CloudCustom has experience in running outbound business development campaigns for many B2B companies and providing them with a scalable process that gets results.

We use the latest technology in sourcing data and contacting prospects which results in outstanding results for our clients.

Outbound Business Development Campaigns

Calling, Email and LinkedIn Outreach

100-200 Dials Per 4-Hour Session

100% Ownership of Company & Contact Data

Free Customer and Pipeline Analysis

If you need leads and want to launch a bespoke outbound B2B campaign please click the button below.

Business Development


Finding the best source of high level business development expertise is extremely difficult.

Over the past six years CloudCustom has developed unique strategies and processes to help our clients effectively take their services and products to market to consistently grow revenue.

Through experimentation and experience we give our clients the expertise that allows them to achieve their business goals.

High Level B2B Business Development Expertise

Online and On Site Consulting

Collaborative and Analytical Approach

Free 60 Minute Initial Consultation

Free Customer and Pipeline Analysis

If you are looking for high level B2B business development expertise please click the button below.

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